Month: April 2006

How Do They Do It?

I had an idea this morning, for something that I feel would really emphasize the importance of Pizza Club, and would make our Pizza Club meetings that much more substantial. Perhaps we could make a business card, with some information about Pizza Club, and the URL, and we can leave that with our always waiter friendly tip. I think that… Read more →

A Decision Must Be Made.

I have narrowed down our choices based on nothing other than the fact that I found URL’s for these places. Please help us make a decision on where to eat. Feel free to click through and read about each of the establishments, or feel free to simply choose based on name, the weather, etc. Fat Lorenzo’s Mama’s Pizza Galactic Pizza… Read more →

I have a confession to make

Today, I called Phil a liar. Here is the conversation. [10:43] DaSpam: little caesers for lunch? [10:43] turkeekow: oooooooo yeah! [10:44] DaSpam: yum [10:46] turkeekow: are we? [10:47] DaSpam: yes [10:48] turkeekow: for serious? [10:48] turkeekow: we’re going to anoka? [10:49] turkeekow: we have a meeting at 1:30, don’t we? [10:54] DaSpam: yes [10:54] turkeekow: so are we actually going?… Read more →

Voter Fraud

There’s something I would like to bring to the attention of Pizza Club members. This is a very serious subject that we all need to really think about. If you look back in the Poll Archive, you will see that the Total Votes for poll number two is 579. Last I checked, there are only six pizza clubbers. After putting… Read more →