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Terror Alert: ‘Fudgems’ the Walking Block of Shit.

Waaaay back in the 80’s, Domino’s Pizza warned America about the Noid, perhaps the greatest pizza-related terrorist ever. The Noid was a bunny-eared goblin who was single-handedly responsible for ruining all pizza in America… Except, of course, for Domino’s. Why not Domino’s? Well, because Domino’s delivered it’s pizza in a laser-proof box. Also, it seems that since Domino’s delivered more pizzas than anyone else, it meant that… Read more →

Astronomers Hate Pizza

On Thursday resolutions were approved by the International Astronomical Union. These resolutions defined planets and downgraded Pluto to a dwarf planet hence forever destroying my favorite pizza related mnemonic, “My Very Educated Mother Just Sat Upon Nine Pizzas”. This and other variations all including pizza have been taught for years to elementary school students to remember the order of the… Read more →

I have a confession to make

Today, I called Phil a liar. Here is the conversation. [10:43] DaSpam: little caesers for lunch? [10:43] turkeekow: oooooooo yeah! [10:44] DaSpam: yum [10:46] turkeekow: are we? [10:47] DaSpam: yes [10:48] turkeekow: for serious? [10:48] turkeekow: we’re going to anoka? [10:49] turkeekow: we have a meeting at 1:30, don’t we? [10:54] DaSpam: yes [10:54] turkeekow: so are we actually going?… Read more →