Thank you for joining us. Have a seat. No, that one is taken. By whom you ask? Well, dear sir or madam, it is taken by our love of pizza. This is our Pizza Club Official Website, where we will talk about Pizza, or Clubs, and meetings of said Club. We will have reviews of specific venues of pizza vendors. We may also review other kinds of pizza, frozen, delivered, home made, etc. The Pizza Club is not actively taking on new members, but feel free to ask, and we will decline your application post-haste!

Our Club is a Club of diners most fair, and if you have a pizza that you would like tasted, and possibly reviewed, please, waste no more time and send an email to welovepizza@pizza-club.com.  We treat all pizzas with equality, except in the instance where such pizzas are not equal, due to taste, toppings, or temperature.

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