Month: August 2006

Astronomers Hate Pizza

On Thursday resolutions were approved by the International Astronomical Union. These resolutions defined planets and downgraded Pluto to a dwarf planet hence forever destroying my favorite pizza related mnemonic, “My Very Educated Mother Just Sat Upon Nine Pizzas”. This and other variations all including pizza have been taught for years to elementary school students to remember the order of the… Read more →

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Listen up bitches, I bring news of an upcoming Pizza Club event of the utmost importance! You may need to clear your schedules for this one, as it’s coming up quite quickly. This Friday in fact, Pizza Club will meet! At the new and updated PCHQ, is where you’ll need to be for this one. We’re traveling nearby, Ginelli’s Pizza.… Read more →

O Captain, My Captain!

Hello there. This is not TJ. He is on “vacation.” I, for one, have always thought it necessary to do “work” before indulging oneself in vacation, but evidently our fine Pizza Club Captain feels that sitting around on the internet all day is a tiring chore. Furthermore, due undoubtedly to his x-treme physical and mental exhaustion, he failed to plant… Read more →