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Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, Chinese dude gotta turn into a tiger at midnight.

Truer words were never spoken at pizza club. Life is routine. We plod through it at an even pace, living weekend to weekend, saving here and scratching there to make ends meet. We watch our shows, play our sports, and look at internet porn. At the same time, crazy big important life changes occur all around us, and sometimes to… Read more →

Pizza + November = TJ is a slacker

We need to eat pizza this month. While we all wait for our supposedly fearless leader, I decided to post a suggestion. What do you blokes think? They have a fancy pants Italian joint across the street that is delish and it is only fair that we give their pizza a chance. Oh, and fuck those lame ass cone… Read more →

O Captain, My Captain!

Hello there. This is not TJ. He is on “vacation.” I, for one, have always thought it necessary to do “work” before indulging oneself in vacation, but evidently our fine Pizza Club Captain feels that sitting around on the internet all day is a tiring chore. Furthermore, due undoubtedly to his x-treme physical and mental exhaustion, he failed to plant… Read more →