Month: April 2006

Pizza Club Press Release 1a

Founded in 2006 by Testiclese Hugh Johnson, Pizza Club is a privately-owned association charged with the development and advancement of pizza consumption and related technologies, such as drinking beer, and playing video games. Pizza Club has a Board of Executives, and that Board is made up of Members of Pizza Club. We here at Pizza Club must sadly say that… Read more →

The Future is Upon Us!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to say that we’ve collected all our schedules, and become one!  The next journey of Pizza Club into the Dungeon of Delicious is this Saturday!  We will be meeting at Erica’s and my abode for community and possibly some libations.  I would ask that you all wear your Pants of Plenty, as they give… Read more →

Keep your chunks out of my sauce YOU DAMNED DIRTY APE

There are some things in life that are just plain terrible: Nazis, crying babies on airplanes, snakes on airplanes and condomeeza rice, just to name a few. Now picture a flying, snake-wielding jew-gassing cunnileeza and you’ve almost achieved a level of terrible on par with chunky pizza sauce. There is nothing worse than desicrating a fresh, piping-hot pizza with old,… Read more →