Month: February 2007

How do we have a pizza-club meeting here??

According to the website ( “The Wonderpizza Machine is the first super-automatic dispenser for a real, hot crispy pizza in three different choices, served on a practical tray in short time, less then 2 minutes! The first machine’s part is a refrigeration unit, which keeps the pizza’s temperature between 0 and +4°C; the second one houses an electrical oven that… Read more →

Hanky Panky Nohow

Members, we’ve got to come out and support one of our own! One of our members, Pete Lane, aka DJ Neko, aka The Professor, aka The PZA, has come upon the anniversary of his birth! There is a gathering that all Pizza Club members are invited to, details as follows: We’d meet up at our apartment and drive over to… Read more →