Month: May 2008

Good Damn Luck

June will be upon us shortly, and though it’s busy as hell, I’d sure appreciate it if Pizza Club could pull together some members and meet up just once, keeping hope alive.  I feel like I’m not alone, but I’ve got no proof toward this.  Please let me know which day(s) you are available for in the coming month of… Read more →

Pete and rePete were rowing a boat.

Due to looming deadlines, and terribly mismanaged resources, Pizza Club spent the month of May in a familiar setting.  There were some Pizza Club regulars who were out of town as well, so heading back to Grandpa Tony’s was a reasonable, and cost effective solution.  Vanessa managed to show up, and Philtheo showed up early to help me move some… Read more →

Make The Magic Happen

Hey look, we’re in a month that has yet to have been marked on the Pizza Club Calendar.  The date will be the 17th, of this month, which is sometimes referred to as May.  This is a Saturday, or as I sometimes refer to it, Faturday — because I eat a lot of Pizza and get fat.  Burn this into… Read more →


Last month the Club de Pizza traveled to my hometown, and sampled the Pizza of my tender years.  Tucked away in a strip mall that nobody goes to any longer, lies Marcello’s Pizza.  The garlic cheese bread was massive, and the garlic flavor was very evident.  We tested out the thin crust, and the double crust, not wanting to spend… Read more →