A little history about Pizza Club.

In the beginning, there were three. Three men, with a plan, and a passion for pizza. When the plans were made for the first meeting of Pizza Club, there was not yet a Pizza Club. Once the groundwork was laid for the meeting, the excitement could be felt. It was this excitement that led these men to birth the idea of the Club. The reaction was unanimous. The Club had begun. It’s first mission was a nearby bar, that was rumored to contain a most delicious pizza. Two ladies were privy enough to be around at the time of the adventure. They became, and remain, members of Pizza Club. The bar was crowded, the beer: cold and cheap. Three pizzas were ordered: veggie, pepperoni and mushroom, and the Skinner’s Ultimate, which had all of the best ingredients, including sauerkraut. Needless to say, the pizza was fantastic, and all five participants went home delightfully full of pizza, or beer, and sometimes both.

The next day, after the dust settled, and the smoke cleared, Pizza Club was deemed a smashing success. Actions were put into place to establish another meeting of said club. The next mission, Savoy’s. New territory for all but one, the Club’s dreams were almost dashed upon the rocks at the sound of the looming wait: 30 minutes for a seat, an hour or more for the pizza. Swallowing their fears, and several beers, the club pressed on, and waited for a seat. Cheesy and crusty garlic bread was shared, as well as a sense of camaraderie not felt since the days of King Arthur, and his Knights of the Round. This time, there were four, as one of the ladies was unable to attend, due to a plight so terribly unmentionable. Two pizzas were ordered, one timeless classic: the sausage and mushroom, and one new classic: canadian bacon and pineapple, otherwise known as “The Hawaiian.” Once again, the team was elated with the joys of eating the most delicious pizza available. It was at this meeting that the Club decided that it needed a stronger presence, a force to bring together these patrons in their darkest times.

This could be none other than a website, with a blog on it.

So we welcome you time traveller, to the current age. An age where this small Club is bound, by writ and charge, to uphold the noble goals of this Club. An age free of the terror of being unable to find a pizza most savory, and a beverage most refreshing. An age… of Pizza Club.

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