The Great Taste, That Tastes Great.

Our little band of adventurers came together yet again! We were down a man for this event, but we weren’t going to let that hold us back. Mister Schulte was nowhere to be seen, and completely unreachable via the regular channels. The red phone was used, as clearly Pizza Club is of the utmost importance, but we reached only a busy signal. If the bill comes for that phone, thick with sex phone line charges, I’m sending that over to you. Pizza Club will not pay for your “pepperoni phone time.”

The date was Friday, and Philtheo was the first to arrive. The hangout looked like the set of HGTV’s never to be aired program “Extreme Movers.” The brave Pizza Clubbers carried on unthwarted. Beverages were consumed that were of such high quality, that they can only be referred to as “Premium.” The X-Box hummed with action, until at last the stomachs cried out, and the time was upon us all to once again to load the wagons, and this month, head North-East.

Our destination was Mama Mia’s Pizza, and they knew the Club was on its way, we had the large table in the center, reserved clearly for us. The was a first for Pizza Club, as Mama Mia’s was not like the past establishments we had visited. We were required to order at the counter, and our Pizza would be brought to us. After some discussion, and a quick match of Greco-Roman Wrestling, our order was decided. Three large, New York style pizzas — as they described it, historically I had eaten New York style pizza which was thin of crust; this was thick, not quite deep dish, but not of the traditional type crusts that are sold by your national pizza delivery chains. The crust itself reminded me of Rocky Rococo’s, at least the texture. It lacked the sweetness of Rocky’s, but came through with crunch. The slices were large, and we felt like we may have doomed ourselves ordering the three larges, on top of the Pizza Fries we had already consumed.

Our outing was brightened by the appearance of a charter member, Kristi, who due to continuous previous engagements of Earth saving importance, does not get the opportunity to read the Pizza Club website on a daily basis. As such she and her counterpart Josh do not make the Pizza Club gatherings with such regularity as the rest of us. She was not blamed though, and it was agreed by all that an extra effort should be put forth to include her and Josh, to communicate with them in less technically advanced forms than this website.

Serious damage was put into the three Pizzas that we ordered, and they were nearly finished. Everyone I believe, agreed that the Pizza was “Pretty Good.” The staff was one of the highlights of the evening; friendly in the face of adversity. Our server had a cast on one arm, from an injury we can only assume was from trying to serve too many people, too quickly. This did not stop her, and our Pizza came safe and sound, covered in cheese and toppings, which is how we like it.

The atmosphere was fairly typical of a Pizza place of this nature, run of the mill fast food type tables, serve yourself beverages of the non-adult variety, lots of windows, etc. The place wasn’t quite empty, but the next largest group there, we referred to as “The Boob Squad.” If you need more explanation on that, feel free to turn off SafeSearch on Google Images — 18 and up only please.

All in all, the meal went well. The Pizza was not of the stellar variety, but it was good, it was cheap, and we were satisfied.

The evening itself ended in the regular way, with video games until the wee hours of the morning. Or at least 11pm. Although the ladies did disapper for a rather extended amount of time. Hopefully they understand that Pizza Club has a strict No Tolerance rule for drug usage, and that they will all be taking tests, the kind you can’t study for.

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