Author: Oriongirl

Fun Facts! Birthday: 02.22.79 Sign: Pisces Bloodtype: O+ (the universal type — go me!) First memory of Pizza: Totino’s Pizza Rolls in front of the TV. Favorite Pizza Toppings: C.Bac Pine of course! I like it so much that I named my cat after it Favorite Pizza Brand: I haven't met a pizza I don't like. Most often I order Papa John's, Davanni's or home-made. Bio: Being Italian, I think that pizza sauce runs in my veins. I enjoy all types of pizza with any variety of toppings. It doesn't matter to me if it's delivered, take-out, eat-in, home-made or frozen! I went to college in Chicago, the home of the deepdish Chicago style pizza, where I learned about the glory of Edwardo's, Giordano's, Uno and Due. Preferably, I enjoy a pizza with a rich tomato sauce on a crispy crust with just enough toppings and cheese to make it droop a little. Viva la Pizza!

Pizza Run!

We’re getting our acts together for the TC5K where some brave pizza-fans will be running (walking, crawling, stumbling) the 5k. If you haven’t signed up yet. Please take this chance to participate in the first non-pizza, pro-exercise, pizza-club activity! On to the important topic of team uniform — we’re going to be purchasing sweatbands. Please check out this link to… Read more →

Better than Yule Log

  Man I thought Food Network was my food porn. But some genius has found a market that needed filling: rotating pizza on permanant loop. Think of the posibilities! Tj, I’m not saying this is what you’re getting for your birthday — but thank god we’ve got a big TV. From Eat Me Daily: Read more →