Seating for Fourteen? No problem!

The Club prevails, as there is always more Pizza to be found. This one was a quest placed in front of us, a voice from beyond the internets asked us to answer the question: Can good Pizza be found at Beek’s.

To answer the question, Yes.

We found good Pizza at Beek’s, King of Pizza.

We found a great deal about ourselves too.

We found that when one member is down, three members come to his side to help him up, but four members come to kick dirt in his face.

We learned that the square root of 2 is an irrational number.

There are in fact, people who will put shrimp on Pizza.  What was more astounding, is that people will eat it.

We discovered that Charlotte Rae never in fact, starred in her own adult film. (Sorry Phil)

Some people drink orange soda, it’s a fact.
We found that taping two stray cats together does not turn them into a teenage mutant ninja monkey.

We were happily astounded to find out that good affordable Pizza, along with no shortage of Love, can be yours at Beek’s.

As it turns out, gluing two dogs together will turn them into a mutant wolf, at least in time.

I don’t believe anyone with us thought it was the best Pizza they’d ever had, but it was pretty cheap.

Maybe there was a reason that fourteen people had no problem getting a seat in the place.

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