There’s been a severe lack of communications from The Pizza Club, but there has been no lack of Pizza.  July was a successful month, not so much for activity on the website, but activity in my stomach.  The Club took it upon itself to visit Parkway Pizza, a local joint recently under new management.  This event went smoothly, and we met one of the owner’s of the place.  It seems Pizza Club is finally receiving some of the notoriety it so seriously deserves.  One of the most amazing details about the owner, he was maybe nineteen years old.  Most of the employees seemed to get younger from there.  This had no negative effect on the Pizza, it was all cut all the way through, so no Fisher Price My First Pizza Cutters, and there were no incidents of crayons in anyone’s Pizza.  Parkway gets two bonus points for having a foosball table, but loses four bonus points for it not being an official Tornado table.  There was nearly no one else in the place, though the owner claimed they did most of their business through delivery.  All in all, it was a solid Pizza, pleasant folks, very reasonably priced.

August was not a slouch of a month either, and Club activity was through the roof near the end.  The first was a normal meeting, and we went to The Chatterbox.  Not the fantastic dive bar Chatterbox in South Minneapolis, we visited the larger and closer new Chatterbox, retrofitted into an old Perkins.  I’d hate to call any Pizza Club meeting a failure, but this is as close as it has ever come.  The Pizza, described as “Gourment Bistro”, kept up half of that bargain, with high prices for little Pizzas.  This was the most expensive Pizza Club outing of all time, topping off around three hundred dollars.  This could also have been aided by the addition of most delicious micro brew beers, though they weren’t cheap either.  I feel like the Pizza wasn’t as good as the price warranted.  This was of course, almost a month ago, and all I can remember at this point is that is cost three hundred dollars.

Lo and behold, there is more.  Pizza Club went on the road, and traveled all the way to Chicago, for the deep dish stylings of Giordano’s.  Of course, being Chicago, we warmed up with plenty moderate consumption of adult beverages.  We made some friends, we foretold the future, made it to the top of the Hancock Building, and we nearly wrestled a newly wed couple.  That was only the first night.  Day two was plenty of walking around, some warmup Pizza from Leona’s, and again, adult beverages.  There was a band, then more bands, then a bunch of bands.  I believe there were also some microwave taquitos, paired comfortably with Bud Light.  Then came the big day.  Before the Pizza, I tried to meet up with an old friend, but instead met with some crazy homeless guy with a huge beard and a propensity for drums.  Although there was a terrible amount of drama surrounding the Pizza excursion, the Pizza itself was good, though the beer supply was short, and rather limited.  All in all, we once again braved the windy city, and survived, to eat Pizza another day.

And now you know… the rest of the back story.

Good day!

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