Feeling Mighty Lucky Today

Pizza Club continues on, and finds new and interesting places to eat. We made our first trip to Northeast Minneapolis, to the original Broadway Pizza. This was one of the very first times where we had a large squad, and the call ahead method proved to be very helpful. We got seated with very little fanfare, though it may continue that way until we show up on the Today Show. One very good thing Broadway had going was Summit Oktoberfest on tap, big 25oz mugs, for a very reasonable price. This isn’t necessarily Beer and Pizza Club, but why fight a good thing.

The evening started of course with garlic cheese bread, in accordance with the Scripture.

They had a nice selection of specialty Pizzas, and we made some good selections from it. The list of Pizzas ordered may not be 100% accurate, but here goes:

  • Classic Deluxe (large)
  • Primo (large)
  • Taco Pizza (large)
  • Hawaiian Sizzler (large)
  • Pork ‘N Kraut (small)

This did well to feed our group of twelve. Unlike most Pizza Club outings, we managed to not end up with way too much Pizza, but everyone ate well. We only ordered thin crust, perhaps because we were all very hungry, and didn’t feel the need to wait that long for deeper dished varieties.

The Members of Pizza Club returned to the Headquarters with pure but pleasant demeanors. Games were played, and adult beverages were enjoyed, and the Club entertained itself into the wee hours of the night. There may have been a point at which the remaining Members found themselves wrapped up in prurient interests, but it’s best not to dwell on the past, but to look towards the future, a bright, delicious future.

We may though, find a few of us, clucking like chickens, remnants perhaps, of hypnotic suggestion long past, but not faded.

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