They Can’t All Be The Best

So the Club met, and the Club ate, but there must have been something in the water, as there were no shenanigans worth discussing.  The Club went to Davanni’s, and it was consistent, and delicious, as it always is.  I don’t feel there’s much more to this story.

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  1. V
    November 13, 2007 at 5:20 pm

    There was a piano recital going on in the background. That was unusual. The pizza was average. I also had a house ceaser, beer, and garlic cheese bread. It didn’t wow me and I wouldn’t recommend spending your money there. Is that harsh? The pizza is worth eating but not worth leaving the house for. No surprises at this Davanni’s. Leave Davanni’s pizza for delivery on a rainy day or lunch at the office.

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