No Pizza For Old Ladies

That’s of course, not true at all.  There shall be Pizza for everyone!  Things have been busy around PCHQ, and administrative duties have prevented me from entering the latest Pizza Club meeting into the Scrolls of Pizza.  Well, I don’t enter it in the Scrolls, the Scribes do, but dictation is difficult for both parties.

With the reopening of a, or perhaps The Favorite Pizza location, Pizza Club was asked to make an appearance, to set the tone for the new season of Mama’s Pizza.  Word must have gotten around, as there were lines out the door, everyone was excited to see the Pizza Club in action.

The fact of the matter is this: Mama’s Pizza makes some damn good Pizza, and when you’re done, they give you ice cream.  Highly recommended, and not just because you’ll often see off-duty Pizza Club members there.

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