A New Year of Pizza

Pizza Club starts the year with a trip down the road to Mendota Heights, to Tommy Chicago’s Pizzeria.  We had the largest turnout for a Pizza Club ever, eighteen hungry souls.  It took a little while to get us seated, seeing as how the whole place sits maybe 65 people– however the staff was very patient for dealing with such a big crowd.  Also, having a bar up front kept some members pacified until we could all get seated.  Seeing as how we were in for some serious Chicago style Pizza, we put in our Pizza orders early, so once tables were secured, it wasn’t long before the masses got their food.

We stuck mostly with the standard deep dish,  although we ordered a couple double crusts, but I wasn’t able to try any of them out.  There was one regular type BBQ chicken pizza that showed up– though our version was doctored up with red onions and green peppers, and that combination turned out really well.  The deep dish itself was stellar,  the crust keeping everything together, a big pile of cheese, toppings, and tomato sauce with big awesome chunks of tomato goodness.  This is serious Pizza though, two pieces, and you’re full– three and you might not make it home.  The pepperoni was good, but the sausage was definitely where it’s at.

In the interest of journalistic integrity, I must admit that the Pizza Club may have been given several sausage deep dish Pizzas pro-gratis, for our patience in getting seated at such a busy time.  This might alter the opinions of some other, less righteous Clubs, fortunately for us, the Tommy Chicago’s Pizza maintained a high level of quality all around, and we were not put into such uncomfortable positions.

Overall, Tommy Chicago’s delivers on its promise, of delicious Chicago style Pizza, and a guy named Tommy.  A good balanced pie, a flaky crust, big chunks of ripe tomatoes, and some great sausage.  We laughed, we ate, we had a discussion about the merits of using cornmeal in Chicago style Pizza crust (Tommy says no thanks to cornmeal to no where, and we agreed).

Something to note– this is the first time someone said to us, “Why didn’t you tell me you were in Pizza Club?”

For the producers of The Today Show: you can call anytime now.

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