Lake Harriet Pizza

On the twelfth day of February in the year of someone 2011, two brave soldiers from the Pizza Club, drove into enemy territory (Edina – or near it), and picked up at least six VERY large boxes of Pizza from Lake Harriet Pizza. We walked in and found a very small counter where the transaction occurred. You can see the ovens, you can see the crew, working together without much room to move around. Our interaction was quite friendly, and they seemed happy to be bringing us the mother lode of Pizza.

There was enough residual heat that our dinner was hot when we returned to feed the famished Club. The Pizza itself was of the hand tossed – midwestern style crust. Not too thin, not too thick, but with a good crunch all the way to the middle of the gigantic Pizzas. The toppings were decent, though the crowd favorite for the evening was the barbecue chicken Pizza.

Would definitely recommend if you’re passing by on your way home, though if you live close enough to deliver, you probably already know.

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