Take me out to the Stadium Pizza

In the month of March the Pizza Clubbers went out in what will hopefully be the last of the winter trips for the year. We aimed our cars at the big buildings to the North and stopped just shortly before we hit Stadium Pizza. They’re a relative newcomer to the area, and occupy a spot on Washington Ave that used to be an adult bookstore– so Phil knew right where it was. Possibly started to capitalize on the frenzy that a new Twins stadium would bring, it feels more like a bar than a Pizza place. Fortunately, they deliver with quality ingredients, and some real hits with their specialty Pizzas. I’d say it was fifty fifty on their version of canadian bacon and pineapple– their version includes the mostly sweet peppadew pepper, but it was the Triple Play (buffalo chicken style) Pizza that really knocked it out of the park. You really feel the heat from the Frank’s, but it’s not too overpowering to hide the flavor from the rest of the ingredients. It’s a good place to grab a Pizza from, either before a Twins game, or just to eat a delicious slice.


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