Let Us Eat Pizza

So June was pretty much a wash. Some Pizza Clubbers decided they wanted to make their lifelong affection to each other known to all and sundry, and this really messed up Pizza Club opportunities. Other than that it was a great time had by all, and we all learned some things. I for one, learned I can fit at least seven full kegs in my car. Will try for eight. The good news is we’re in a new month now and we can eat Pizza again. Unfortunately summer is a busy time, and the only available day is a Friday. Friday the 15th to be specific. 5:30PM, or as soon as you can make it. In other Pizza news, Pizza Club has outlived another Pizza establishment, and a new one has taken its place. It’s called Di Nokos, website is here: http://www.dinokos.com/. The bad news is, it’s delivery. The good news is, that will give us more time to drink.

Let the Club know that you’ll be there.

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