Nothing’s gonna change my toppings

Venerable citizens of Pizza Club, I call upon you once again to raise a slice in joyous celebration!  It’s summertime, we’re all legally adults, and we can eat whatever it is that we like!  I don’t need to remind you but I’m going to anyway, we all like Pizza.  The date for the month of July will unfortunately be a Friday, but it will still be great and there will still be Pizza.

Since it is a Friday, I’ll just get pickup or something, in case the commute is awful or you all have jobs or something.

Anyway the only date that works for at least me is Friday the 25th, please let me know if you can make it, so the Pizza over-order can be adjusted accordingly.



Is there anyone else who hasn’t responded that is or isn’t going to be able to make it?

If you don’t let me know there won’t be much extra pizza, short crew this month.

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