Salutations and Preparations, mixed with a little Perspiration

Good day to you all of my fine Pizza Club compatriots!  This is our second shortest notice on a Pizza Club meeting, but there it is.  A busy wind blows upon us all, and it is in these times that we must step up our endeavors.  This month’s quest brings us to Mama’s Pizza.  The date shall be Friday the 19th.  The meeting place as of right now is the same, the time, well, the time is as soon as you can get there.  My plans are to arrive at home by 4:30 in the PM.  If you could all join me soon afterwards, perhaps more nearing the Five O’Clock hour, that would be fine.  Please sound off in the discussion so that we can get an accurate count, if for nothing more than boosting my own ego.  I will be posting again shortly with some things to think about before the meeting.  Please keep your browsers refreshing!  Also, try the pie!

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