We Need Some Things.

In order for Pizza Club to really take off, we’re all going to have to pitch in, and I’m not just talking about recycling. I’m going to make a list here of things that I feel we could really use to give us a greater air of officiality. (Yes I just made that word up.)


  • Official Pizza Club Business Cards
  • Official Pizza Club Rating System
  • Official Pizza Club Time Machine
  • Naked Pictures of Bea Arthur

Now I don’t think this is too challenging, but I would like it if we could have had these for last month’s meeting– hence the time machine. I say, start with the first two, and we’ll work on the rest when we have time. The business cards, I have an idea, but I think they should simply have a picture of Pizza on them, perhaps the same one from the header, and then say, “You have been visited by a member of Pizza Club”, and then have the URL on it, which, if you’re forgotten is www.Pizza-Club.com.

For the rating system, Scooter and I plan on implementing an automatic system at some point, or at least he claims he would help me do it. I feel like we should rate an establishment on a number of items, but focus on the Pizza. Behold, another list!

  • Crust
  • Toppings
  • Sauce
  • Cheese

So that should cover the Pizza. I’m thinking of using a numerical system, on a scale from 1 – 5 pizzas. This should allow us to use half pizzas, or slices, one to eight slices for each Pizza. I am also suggesting a few other criteria to rate an establishment on, but please, if you have any suggestions, I suggest that you suggest them.

  • Beer (all around rating based on Price, Variety, Coldness)
  • Seating (do they have comfy seats for fat people, IE: me)
  • Ability to deal with Pizza Club (how well were we treated, have we achieved rock star status — I expect this to increase in time, as Pizza Club gains recognition.)
  • Atmosphere (not so much the building, moreso how other patrons put up with our Club)

So post early, and post often. Let us know what we think.

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