Oh No You Didn’t!

Oh yes we did! The Fabulous Pizza Club came together again, once again with delicious results! This month’s adventure started from the same location, but this time on a Friday. Could the switch from Saturday to Friday destroy the Fun? Carry on reader, and join us for the most exciting Pizza Club Meeting yet!
The usual collection of Pizza Club members arrived, and the usual squabbling occured over video games, and who can spit farther, etc. The Crew was hungry, and perhaps we dilly dallied a little, I didn’t feel as though we dallied excessively. The next conflict was per usual who has to ride with Philtheo. I lost again, I think that’s three in a row for me. Our caravan left and we headed North, to Mama’s Pizza, home of Pizza, and rumors of free ice cream cones. The journey was not without it setbacks, as an ill advised right turn led us to into a scenario which, due to a extended middle finger from one Mister Schulte, put us in a terrible position. The situation can only be described as “The closest Pizza Club has ever come to being shot and killed while trying to get to a Pizza Joint.” The following events are, in order, and fully factual:

  1. Philtheo urges Schulte to flip off the second car in our caravan.
  2. Schulte assumes our friends are in the car behind us.
  3. He ducks down, and extends his middle finger.
  4. The car behind us, not anyone we know, rolls down their windows and pulls out what appears to be several very large guns, and possibly other instruments of death: machetes, nun-chucks, etc.
  5. I (being the driver) make a quick left turn, in attempts to evade them. They follow.
  6. I hit the gas and tear down the street, and make an un-signaled U-turn.
  7. Our pursuers are baffled by this, and end up making a left turn, and coming back around.
  8. The second car, in a moment of Luck, make a U-turn right in front of our pursuers.
  9. This breaks our pursuers spirit, who changed their signal from a right turn (to follow us), to a left turn (away from us.)

We then made our way to our destination, Mama’s Pizza. The atmosphere was classic townie Pizza Joint, small, dark, and crowded. Fortunately we had called ahead, they knew Pizza Club was coming. It wasn’t long before we were seated, and placed some orders. Drinks, and “Italian Fries” were ordered. Pizza Club decided on going sober for the beginning of this meeting, possibly due to the near life ending events that had taking place mere minutes earlier.

Italian Fries appeared, and what seemed like simple cheesy bread turned out to be so much more. Everyone was delighted with the cheesy garlicky goodness which arrived in such abundance. Sauce came with it as well, a near unending fountain of marinara, almost enough to bathe in. The Pizza order was placed in the midst, three larges was our decision:

  • Canadian Bacon & Pineapple
  • Sausage, Mushroom and Green Pepper (on half)
  • Pepperoni

It wasn’t long before we received our first two pizzas, and they looked quite fantastic. At this point of the club, I believe I may have blacked out. I don’t remember any sort of conversations, or dialog, other than the fact that the pepperoni pizza did not arrive until we had devoured the first two. This would not be an issue, but one of our members prefers to only eat pepperoni, so he had a little while to wait. At least some Italian Fries remained, and he was able to carry himself over with that. Surprisingly, there was not much action, or drama at this month’s Meeting. Some could say this was due to the lack of adult beverages, but I’m willing to bet that the fact that it was on a Friday, and everyone was partly tired from having to work all day, with the exception of Scooter. He felt as though he didn’t need to work, and I’m sure Philtheo was terribly lonely all day at work, adding to the normal stress of being a mutated goat.

We did away with nearly all of the available pizza. At the end, as the legends foretold, we were all brought out little ice cream cones. Everyone enjoyed the cones, though some may have enjoyed it a little too much. I must say that our wait staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and did well to manage our Club’s expectations. On our way back to our automobiles, we found out our way had been blocked, by a number of marked and unmarked police cars. We had no option but to watch, but it appeared that any action had already taken place. We waited for Johnny Law to disperse, and made our way home, another successful Pizza Club, with another round of full stomachs. Needless to say, upon returning home, another long evening of games, and beer, and games, carried on far in to the evening, though once again, Philtheo found himself defeated early on by cats. I may never understand.

More pictures from the event are available here.

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