Like A Slice Through The Night

Halloween is coming, and you know what that means:  I’m late with setting up the next Pizza Club meeting.  Well, I went to my data, about which day is the best for Pizza, and then I looked at it, got tired, took a nap, and three days later I’m writing this garbage.  Needless to say I’ve picked a day which suits me the best, this coming Friday.  If you can make it, awesome, Pizza Club will be blessed by your presence.  If you have plans, cancel them, because there is nothing more important than you attendance at Pizza Club.

The location has yet to be determined, we heard rumors of a good place called Fast Eddies, but that means nothing to me.  I go where the Pizza is the finest.  Another option that was mentioned is Boston Gourmet.  Apparently they don’t serve only Pizza, but that’s all I’m going to order.  (Unless it’s Pizza – type breadsticks.)

Feel free to comment (or die) — and look here.

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