Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Due to the fact that I was in the hospital with a little bit of a coma for the past few weeks, I have been unable to write about the previous, or plan the next Pizza Club adventure.  I see you have taken it upon yourselves to criticize me for my limited availability, but such is your impish ways.  Time is short however, and Pizza Needs must be met.

Lift up your voices.

We lift them up to you, Pizza.

It is right to give Pizza thanks and praise, and to tell me which of the following dates you can come to:

Friday, November 17th

Saturday, November 18th

Friday, November 24th

Saturday November 25th

A winner will be chosen, and a successor to October’s Pizza Club will be named!

Worst case scenario, I eat Pizza alone.  Well, that’s not necessarily worst.

Worst case scenario, only Phil shows up, and he spends the whole evening talking about Rachel Ray.

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