Pre-emptive Strike Equates To Victory Conditions

Can you believe it, we’re not halfway through the month, and I’m already trying to plan for Pizza Club.  Mostly because Adro feels like we’d be better served with proper planning.  I’m personal all about piss poor performance, but I’m sure you’ve all heard that ten times already from Erica.  Here’s the deal:  Pizza Club started on a Saturday, and it should return to Saturday.  Please let me know which Saturday(s) in February would work for you, and if there are none, then you’re shit out of luck.  I’ve got a possible lead for a location, and we’ve always got the fabled pilgrimage to Lord Rocky’s, but I believe that becomes a religious event, and it would open up to any believers.  Also, we’d need a bunch of people to play Laser Tag over at the Brunswick Zone.  Nothing set in stone, but vote early, vote often.  Long live Saturday Pizza Club!

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