We Will Not Stand Down, But We May Sit, If We Are Seated.

This month’s Pizza Club outing was a special one, as it took place at the establishment that served as the first date of two prominent Pizza Club members. The location changed, but the name stayed the same, and we set ourselves upon the Pizza stylings of The Italian Pie Shoppe. I knew that the event was a large one, and I made special arrangements with the Pie Shoppe, which were of course, ignored. We showed up, and there were no tables, but the list was fairly short, and a 30 minute wait for a party of twelve? That didn’t sound too bad. We wandered over to a little cafe, which was generous enough to serve us beer while we waited.

Our tables were set, and while there were two tables of six, they were right next to each other, so Pizza Sharing could theoretically happen. The Italian Pie Shoppe is as it was, a dark, but friendly place, happy to serve us more beer, and we could catch a peek at the Wild game every now and then. Our table had mostly old timers, but one newcomer. Myself, Erica, Adro and Randi, Philtheo, and the newcomer, Stevildo. We ordered garlic fries I believe, and three fabulous pies. Meat Lovers, Buffalo Wing, and Extra Garlic. Thanks to Erica for the heads up free Pizza coupon. The Meat Lovers was fantastic, a deep dish exploration of how much meat you can put on a Pizza, though I don’t think there can be enough. The garlic was again deep dish, and it had a sprinkling of tomatoes, but a classic cheese and garlic Pizza, it held up well. I also enjoyed the Buffalo Wing, with it’s Frank’s based sauce, although I was the only one who managed to eat it with blue cheese dressing.

There may have been some drama during this whole thing, with a separate faction of Pizza Club, but I feel it was resolved on its own, and I didn’t have to come down all Sexy Lincoln on it. I was trapped in the corner, and only caught glimpses of the goings on, but it seemed someone may have been trying to shaft us on a trade for a piece of Pizza, and some drunk ass kept shouting “hooch.” No one knew what he was talking about. I mean if it was a him.

Then something very special happened, though I’m not certain how the actual events transpired. Someone at some point, thought it would be a wonderful plan to load everyone up, and drive over to the Grand Ole Creamery. Little did they know, this was most similar to the aforementioned date, and its path through the romance of night. Ice Cream is wonderful, and Grand Ole is near the best you can have, and topped off the already bursting stomachs of all Pizza Club members.

This joyful experience continued on through the night, and once more, beer and Guitar Hero warmed our bellies, and our souls.

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