Rising From the Ashes

So perhaps Pizza Club missed a month, so what.  We came back, stronger than ever.  Stronger than prehistoric petrified pepperoni.  We had a mission, and that was to satisfy two months of Pizza needs.  With short notice, we pointed the Pizza Club sights at a long standing Pizza creating edifice; Grandpa Tony’s.  Even with quick turnaround, we managed to round up thirteen willing members, and only two of them were noobs.  Perhaps it was the promise of seeing the film “Hot Fuzz” — or perhaps just the fame that comes with being a Pizza Club member.

Grandpa Tony’s was contacted early, and well aware of the Club’s intentions to come, and feast on everything they had to offer.  We were seated promptly, and at a single table.  This is a drastic change, perhaps the Club is garnering some respect.   Drinks and the necessary cheesy garlic bread was ordered, and we examined our Pizza eating options.  Three choices stuck out, different types of Pizza.  Thin, thick, and pan, though the “Chicago Style” Pizza was strangely the thinnest of available selections.  There’s a chance that my math was completely bonkers, as I made the executive decision that six Pizzas should be ordered.  For thirteen people.  The Pizzas arrived, and I realized I had made a rather large miscalculation.  These weren’t Totino’s Pizzas; a couple pieces of the thicker variety would down any veteran Pizza consumer.

The quality was quite good, some of the more junior members felt it was some of the best Pizza they’d had.  It was top level stuff, but Best requires some fantastical atmosphere, and service.  Grandpa Tony’s wasn’t bad, but the Pizza didn’t arrive on silver platters carried by topless angels.  There was quite the amount of leftover Pizza, but nobody was sad to bring it home.

Pizza Club did its best, but we were caught with the eyes bigger than our stomachs disease.  We packed up our left-overs, and piled into the cars, on our way to see the big time British action adventure epic, “Hot Fuzz.”  Our minds and imaginations became as satisfied as our stomachs, but this isn’t Pizza Movie Club, so we’ll save that story for another day!

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