Help us Pizza Club – you’re our only hope!

What say you Pizza Club, do we stand up to this, our first Pizza request?! The month of May is upon us, and we have as yet, no place to go, and no day to do it! So tell us faithful members, when you are available for this brave adventure.

date May 1, 2007 3:16 PM
subject Help us Pizza Club – you’re our only hope!

Every day I drive down Lyndale and back… Every day I go past Beek’s King of Pizza at 53rd and Lyndale.

Is it good? Do they deserve the title of “King of Pizza”? Why do I never see anyone enter or leave?

I would investigate on my own, but I am merely one person. How could I try a broad enough array of pizza toppings and adult beverages to make an informed decision? Who would take care of my family if a sharp piece of crust went right through my eye, killing me instantly?

But you — you are legion. You have the manpower, will and expertise to explore this unknown pizza vendor. Maybe some of you will even make it out alive to tell me whether I should pick up a pizza on my way home from work.

Help us, Pizza Club!


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