Bake, Cut, Eat.

I hate to say it, but a few no show’s, and an interrupted evening really put the brakes on an otherwise average Pizza Club meeting.  We took the club to Carbone’s, a local family owned chain.  That’s a guess, it feels like a family owned establishment because there are kids working everywhere.  Perhaps though, I’m just getting old, and everyone is starting to look like children.  Of course we started off with garlic cheese bread, and it was good.  Good I should say, until The Deez scored some second degree burns on his hand from the dipping sauce.  Next time gents, wait for plates.  Eight members ordered three Pizzas, and if it weren’t for some early dismissal of leftovers — read: industrial sabotage — we would have made it through the darkness, and into the light.  The whole evening however, was made complete when we got The Deez to not only go into The Source, but to wander around and actually look interested.  I believe that The Lady Deez entered into a kind of dork overload shock, as can happen to most of the ladies that enter The Source.  We met up with the birthday boy’s entourage at The Groveland Tap, and I was mistaken for Jim Morrison again (thanks elmo.)

The evening ended with a whimper, and every member of Pizza Club had dreams that night, of how great the future Pizza Clubs would be.

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