I Am Pizza.

Lo! Let the trumpets sound, as we now find ourselves with a new date for Pizza Club.  In addition to the date, there is a Plan.  The moons have aligned, and the day of reckoning is December 14th.  This may be a Friday, which often weighs heavy on the hearts of the working members of Pizza Club, but the timing is too perfect.  This is also opening night for the movie film “I Am Legend.”  It has to be great, because it’s a remake of a movie of a remake of a movie of a remake of a book.  Vincent Price, Charleton Heston, and now Will Smith will enter the shoes of Robert Neville.  Plus, there’s vampires!  Oops, spoiler alert, on a sixty year old book.  So get to PCHQ as quick as you can on Friday the 14th.  Movie times and Fandango links will be made available soon.

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