Cogito sumere potum alterum.

There is a majesty required of all companies who choose a name based on a Roman emperor.  When one of these places is in the food-service industry, you can expect a certain level of quality from them.  The finest ingredients, attention to detail, and incredible level of patience are the path to perfection.  However, add in a modifying adjective, and all bets are off.

Here is where Pizza Club lives and thrives, in the parts of dining in between expectation and surprise.

Pizza Club this month, took on a national chain, and I believe we came out on top.  Little Caesar’s is the name of the game, and we went after it with full enthusiasm.  I didn’t ask, but I’m fairly certain we didn’t have any LC virgins on our hands; everyone knew what they were getting into.   There’s a lot of history between at least myself and LC — feel free to see previous post.  We were long on Pizza, and short on Crazy Bread, but such are the trials of Pizza Club.

Sometimes having PC held at PCHQ can feel a little claustrophobic,  but there is an easy solution to that: drink through it.  Everyone had their fill of Little Caesar’s, and everyone went home happy, though if they didn’t, that’s their problem.  I can put the happy out there for you, I can’t make you drink it.

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