Ivory and Ivory

There comes a time in every man’s life when they have to swallow their pride, place himself prostrate before a council of rage — now is that time for me.  The outward face of Pizza Club is as it should be; joyous and welcoming.  There however, darker things at work, meetings behind closed doors, smoke machines, and long standing feuds that have been to this point kept in the dark.  I’m not here to make excuses, that’s not my business.  My job is to protect and maintain the dignity and decency of the established Pizza Club, and all members in good standing.   The fact of the matter is, there are some truths that need to be unearthed.  There was a time, before Pizza Club, before the internets, before a lot of things, where there was a single Little Caesar’s that was within a ten mile radius.  At a time where the current leader of Pizza Club, me, was without transportation past where my pedals could push me.  I think we all realize how silly it would be to try and ride a bicycle several miles, pick up a Pizza, and ride back, and have any hopes for said Pizza holding any heat.  I however, was not alone, and had a companion in which we shared a great number of things, far too many to list.  The one of greatest importance on this day however, is a Love of Little Caesar’s.  We shared this Love, and many many bags of Crazy Bread, custom made with extra sauce (read: butter and garlic).  Were it not for his trusty Bluick, these experiences would have been pushed out past the window of opportunity, as this Little Caesar’s location was not longed for that mall, and it closed shop after what I can only assume were numerous health violations.  In life however, all things are cyclical, and The LC has joined us again.

The fact of the matter is, this gentlemen has been, up to this point,  excluded from Pizza Club.  Whether through spite, or blinded by power, or just plain forgetfulness, this has occured — though it will be tolerated no longer!  Adam Paul Carvel and Desiree Michelle Faulkner , you have officially been apologized to by the whole of Pizza Club, and your presence is requested at the next Pizza Club Meeting (tomorrow).  Please join us as we celebrate the fantastically delicious and reasonably priced Little Caesar’s Pizza and artery hardening Crazy Bread.

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