Uff Latuff

Today I’m testing out a new way to refer to Pizza Club, as Pizza Club is far too many letters.  We’ve all got to do our part to make the Earth more greener, so for the remainder of this post, The Club will be referred to as ‘lub.  Not only does this save five keystrokes, but it gets rid of two capital letters, which we all know carry greenhouse gasses.

‘lub took a caravan out to Plymouth again, to test Marcello’s big rival in the area, Latuff’s Pizzeria.  The outside is not promising, as it’s tucked in a strip mall which appears to have only memories of tenants.  The inside was clean and bright, and though it had been possibly ten years since I had been there last, they seemed to have gotten electricity, and took out the old dirty glass candle holders that riddled the pizzerias of my youth.  There were plenty of people eating, but we still managed to sneak into a back room with enough seating for the twelve of us.

The ‘lub was plagued with the usual struggle, for how many Pizzas we needed to order, and I believe this time we may have gone with a compromise,  but I was drinking, so my testimony is definitely flawed.

We rocked the garlic cheese bread, which was strangely similar to Marcello’s, but not quite as mammoth.

The Pizza that we ordered all arrived promptly, and it wasn’t disappointing in any way, but with ‘lub’s Pizza eating records, it didn’t wow us, or at least me.  There weren’t really any negatives, it was fast, friendly, and good.  Again, definitely good if you’re in the area, but perhaps not worth the trip if you live in Woodbury, which I’m told is in Wisconsin.

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