Diving In To Pizza

This past Pizza Club, we all managed to meet up at Michael’s Pizza, in St. Paul.  This place definitely does most of their business via take out or delivery.  The dining area was small, and the staff was pleasant but uninterested.  The sign on the soda fountain said “No self service,” but I asked nice and they said it was alright.

Thankfully this isn’t “Tiny Restaurant Club” — it’s Pizza Club, and that’s what we’re here to discuss.  Michael’s didn’t offer any off the beaten path Pizza, but that didn’t seem to matter.  The first bite I had, was fantastic thin crust, crispy and good with a heaping helping of toppings.  Unfortunately, the crust couldn’t hold up and eventually lost its crispiness.  Maybe I didn’t eat fast enough, but the crust turned soft, not soggy, just lacking the crunch it had on the first bite.  All in all I thought they put together a good Pizza, good toppings, and definitely a good price.

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