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Lake Harriet Pizza

On the twelfth day of February in the year of someone 2011, two brave soldiers from the Pizza Club, drove into enemy territory (Edina – or near it), and picked up at least six VERY large boxes of Pizza from Lake Harriet Pizza. We walked in and found a very small counter where the transaction occurred. You can see the… Read more →

I’m at the Combination Pizza Club and Pizza Place

Congratulations Pizza Clubbers, on entering our fifth year of existence. We have traversed through many trials and tribulations, thunder storms, blizzards, ice storms, nearly fifty different restaurants, and more inappropriate touching attempts from Phil than a Boy Scout Jamboree. The good news is, as time goes on, more Pizza establishments are created, seemingly only to feed the hunger of our… Read more →

I Do This Because I Love It

Dear Pizza Club, I reach out to you in my time of need.  The end of the month is nearing, and I have yet to see all of your smiling drunk, Pizza filled faces.  This needs to change.  Let us congress hither to the Pizza Club HeadQuarters, and ingest most delicious Pizza.  Please have your assistants write back quickly, and… Read more →