Little Caesars Pizza Announces Plans for Growth

It’s 1986.  You’re just a few years old, impressionable to the ways of the pizza.  Dad comes home, something special in hand.  The long cardboard contraption (twice as long as you, in fact) is covered by thin white paper and that quirky looking emperor guy printed on top.  Pungently wonderful odor oozes forth – cheese, sauce, and garlic bread so saturated with butter that it drips… drips.  Dad knows you’re a picky eater, so one of the pizzas is cheese, the other one is loaded with a number of unthinkable other toppings.  Life is good, and the future seems secure with the thought that Caesar will provide a reasonable quality pizza at a fair cost well into the future.

Today, though, that nostalgic happiness is hard to come by.  Little Caesars restaurants are rare; the peak of about 6,000 has been reached and we’ve been falling ever since the mid 90’s to well under half that grand number.  What can be done?  Can humanity be saved? I think so, and here’s why:

For Release: March 21, 2006
DETROIT, Mich. – Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. today announced plans to substantially increase its franchisee base and expand into untapped markets. The goal is to add hundreds of franchisees over the next several years and add hundreds of stores worldwide in 2006, with a primary focus on domestic development.

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