I have a confession to make

Today, I called Phil a liar. Here is the conversation.

[10:43] DaSpam: little caesers for lunch?
[10:43] turkeekow: oooooooo yeah!
[10:44] DaSpam: yum
[10:46] turkeekow: are we?
[10:47] DaSpam: yes
[10:48] turkeekow: for serious?
[10:48] turkeekow: we’re going to anoka?
[10:49] turkeekow: we have a meeting at 1:30, don’t we?
[10:54] DaSpam: yes
[10:54] turkeekow: so are we actually going?
[10:55] DaSpam: tim says there is one it st paul
[10:55] turkeekow: what?
[10:55] turkeekow: check the site
[10:55] turkeekow: what’s the zip here?
[10:56] DaSpam: 55401
[10:56] DaSpam: 1532 University Avenue West Suite 103 & 104 St. Paul, MN 55104
[10:56] turkeekow: what the bitch, when I put 55426 that doesn’t even show up
[10:56] turkeekow: until now
[10:56] DaSpam: you suck
[10:56] DaSpam: liar
[10:56] turkeekow: it didn’t yesterday
[10:57] turkeekow: plus I hate St. Paul
[10:57] DaSpam: yeah they magically built one yesterday
[10:57] turkeekow: go to hell

I guess phil didn’t lie. A Little Caesars opened up today in St Paul! In fact, it was a GRAND OPENING. And we were among the first 50 customers. The few, the l33t, the proud. We were given a Little Caesars tshirt, balloon, magnet, cookies, and peppermints. At first glance this seemed to be quite the Friday lunch surprise, but it turned out to be much more. How the hell are we supposed to split up those items in a fair and mutually agreeable manner? I mean damn.. everything else sucks but the tshirt. Deciding to get out of the fray, I opted for the magnet while Phil and Tim are still trying to figure out who gets the tshirt. Go now! to Little Caesars! $5 for a large! YUM.

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