Pizza Club Press Release 1a

Founded in 2006 by Testiclese Hugh Johnson, Pizza Club is a privately-owned association charged with the development and advancement of pizza consumption and related technologies, such as drinking beer, and playing video games. Pizza Club has a Board of Executives, and that Board is made up of Members of Pizza Club.

We here at Pizza Club must sadly say that we are not taking any applications to join Pizza Club. If you would like to start your own Chapter of Pizza Club, please send an E-Mail to Franchises are something that Pizza Club firmly endorses. Please note that there are strict rules and regulations for starting a Pizza Club franchise, none of which have been written down, and most likely none have even been discussed or thought of at this point. Needless to say, all of these rules and regulations must be met and maintained before a franchise can receive Official Pizza Club endorsement.

Pizza Club is a privately held institution. For questions about investment, please send an E-Mail to Serious, accredited inquiries only. Past performance is not indicative of future progress. Any investments into Pizza Club, or any of its subsidiaries will most likely only be used to buy pizza or beer.

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