A Matter of Perspective.

So I was driving around the around day, thinking about Pizza, and I saw a bumper sticker that said something along the lines of, “Abortion is Murder.”  I have no history with babies, or killing them, at least not that has been proven in a court of law.  In any event, anytime I see something that I don’t understand at all, I try to relate it to Pizza.  Abortion is a pretty big word.  There’s at leave fourteen letters there, and nine of them I’ve never seen before.  Pizza is a shorter word, and it’s one that I understand, and enjoy.  Murder is a bad word, one of the worst that there is.  One way we can relate this bumper sticker to our lives, and the first thing that came to my mind is, Abortion may be murder, I have no knowledge of that, but what IS murder to me, is Bad Pizza.  Cross off abortion, scribble in bad pizza.  When I think about all of the delicious Pizza I’ve eaten here with Pizza Club, and even before Pizza Club started, well, I ate a lot of Pizza.  Some of it was amazing, most was quite delicious, and I’ve even had to eat a few decent Pizzas in a pinch.  This is only some of the Pizza, in a small part of the country, and there is so many more places that serve Pizza, in so many different forms, that making someone eat Bad Pizza is in fact, murder.  Or at least it’s as bad as murder.  Forcing people to eat Bad Pizza is like murdering a baby.  I want us all to take this lesson with us, as when you focus on the negative, you understand how much better the good is.  The next time we all join together to eat Pizza, or even when you’re eating a Totino’s all alone, think about how good your Pizza is, and how terrible aborted fetuses are, and how murderous Bad Pizza is.  I don’t know anything about abortion, or babies, but I do know that Bad Pizza is unecessary, and together we can stomp it out; we can bring delicious Pizza to people in need.  Or at least, they can get it themselves, because it’s everywhere.

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