De gustibus non est disputandum.

Erica made a suggestion at some point over the past few weeks, which have all but been a blur to me.  The suggestion was to warm up the new Pizza Club Headquarters with a gathering that includes a special kind of Pizza, a make your own Pizza, Pizza.  I’d like to get an idea of how many of you would like to be in on this sort of thing, or if anyone feels this is in some sort of violation of Pizza Club Code.  As of right now, I have disbanded the Official Pizza Club Courtus Supremus, so it’s up to you guys.  I’m not so much like King Solomon, I’m not that wise.  If you come to me with a dispute, I’ll probably send you all to the lions and then travel to the future to get some decent Pizza.  Maybe we were closer to God back then, but we were a hell of a long way away from an edible slice.  In any event, make your opinions known, we’re probably looking to have this one around the end of the month.  I’m thinking a Saturday event for this one, if we do the build your own, time to cook and build, and plan.  Also time to eat and drink and play games, and break in the new headquarters.  So let us know which day would work better, the 22nd, or the 29th.  Of July.

Pizza omnia vincit.

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