O Captain, My Captain!

Hello there. This is not TJ. He is on “vacation.” I, for one, have always thought it necessary to do “work” before indulging oneself in vacation, but evidently our fine Pizza Club Captain feels that sitting around on the internet all day is a tiring chore. Furthermore, due undoubtedly to his x-treme physical and mental exhaustion, he failed to plant the seed of the August PC adventure before leaving. Because Pizza Club is the most important event in my life, bar none, I feel it necessary to pick up his captainnarial slack and attempt to get some sort of ball rolling on the topic of when. It just so happens that I know Testiclese will be out of town August 18-20 as well, and therefore we are left with only two suitable dates for our rendez-vous: August 26th and 27th.

Of course, I can not volunteer PC HQ as I do not reside there, so it will be necessary for Erica to chime in on wether either of these dates are suitable.

Guy LeDouche

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