When Success is Delicious.

The day has come and gone, but the Pizza lives on.

Pizza Club has once again met, and comes away victorious. We got a hot tip on a fantastic Pizza Joint, Jakeeno’s. The name was found to be confusing, and a little frightening, as Phil wet his pants twice. Thanks for keeping that between you and your Huggies, Phil.

The evening started off as normal, people arrived, salutations and libations were shared. The rocking started off quickly, and two guitars were plugged in, and several people were shamed. The specifics are not necessary, sufficed to say that Adro sleeps with his Guitar Hero controller. We wasted no time in playing the crap out of a couple games, and then heading off to Jakeeno’s.

It was quickly dark, and Phil and I took the back way. I mean, we took the back way to Jakeeno’s. Arriving before the rest of the Club, we went in to secure some seating. I offer up the following exchange between myself and our waitress.

Me: Hello, we’ve got a party of six to eight coming in, would it be possible to maybe push some tables together?

Waitress: No.


Waitress: No.


Waitress: Ok as long as you quit crying and never speak to me directly.

So we got our tables, and everyone else arrived, and began to squabble over what kind of Pizza to order, and how much only one person actually like saurkraut. Two Pizzas, one with a bunch of meats and vegetables, I believe it was called Chicago something or other, and a Hawaiian. Also, you know we had to get down on some garlic cheese bread!

The Pizza came pretty quickly, as did a large amount of lip from our waitress. It was all in good fun though, and up to this point, she has had the best rapport when needing to deal with a bunch of ne’er do wells, those that make up the membership of Our Club.

The Pizza was of the thin crust variety, not unlike a number of different places we had visited. I found it to be delightful. The only issue I can come up with was that on the Chicago Pizza, the toppings were prone to get pulled off with the cheese, as they were quite bountiful. This is one of the good types of issues, although it’s all too common for someone to steal toppings from another’s piece. I did not witness anything of this nature, but it probably happened to someone else.

There were no beverages of the adult variety ordered, mostly because I had to drive. The soda however, was in season, and came to those who know how to drink it in pitcher form.

We completed our mission of no piece left behind, and no leftovers were brought home. It’s up for debate as to whether or not that’s a good thing.

We retired to the Headquarters, and the most Premium of drinks were shared. There were two new video games tested out, and both of them were pretty terrible. TMNT Mutant Melee lacked the action you would expect from such a title, and Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddlers Green lacked any sort of playable game. Fortunately, there were plenty of games to take up our time, and if almost everyone aside from Adro and myself hadn’t left early, they would have been played by everyone late into the evening. As it turns out, Adro and I beat each other senseless for several hours. All in good fun of course.

And so, I put the closing chapter on another meeting of Pizza Club. What can come next? Who shall know!

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